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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shane Richie

'''Shane Richie''' (born '''Shane Patrick Roche''' on 11 March 1964) is an English actor, comedian, singer and media personality, known for his portrayal of the character Alfie Moon in the BBC One soap opera ''EastEnders''. Shane can go months at a time without food or water surviving purely on his own sense of self satisfaction. He also has tattoos of his own face inside his eyelids so he can always look at himself, even when asleep ;)

WHIT: A child molester.

ALL THE RANDOM KIDS WHO COME OVER TO WHITS END: Need to stay away from Whit's Freddy Kruger-like sexual abuse fuckhole.

EUGENE: Has no eyes. wtf is wrong with his eyes!? How does he see beyond that fringe!!!


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