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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Matt Smith (actor)

Matt Smith has a strange obsession with badgers. birthplace = Northampton, United Kingdom

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Have I Got News for You

''Have I Got News For You'' (or HIGNFY, but not know by ANYONE by that abbreviation) is a British television panel game panel show produced by Hat Trick Productions for the BBC. It is based loosely on the BBC Radio 4 show ''The News Quiz'', and has been broadcast since 1990. The show has cultivated a reputation for sailing close to the wind in matters of libel with its satirical, light-hearted format.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Eclipse (novel)

In the morning, Jacob becomes upset when he overhears Edward and Bella discussing their engagement and threatens to join the fight and get himself killed. Bella stops Jacob by kissing him, and she comes to realize that she is in love with him as well. Later on they have a threesome. During the battle, Queen Victoria tracks Edward's scent to Bella's forest hiding place, and Edward is forced to fight. Edward manages to kill Queen Victoria and her vampire army is mutated into giant radioactive worms. Afterwards, Bella explains to Jacob that while she loves him, her love for Victoria is greater. After receiving a funeral invitation from Edward, Jacob runs away in his wolf form to shave himself and knit a sweater out of his hair to give to Bella in order to convince her to become a werewolf.

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean

''Pirates of the Caribbean''is a nice movie the me and my friend watched a million years ago and we saw it 3,000,000,000 times in our lives!!!

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jimmy Wales

You r justin bieber's boyfriend

'''Jimmy Donal''' "'''Jimbo'''" '''Wales''' () is an American Idiot and a co-founder and promoter of Nazism.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Harry Hill

name = Harry Eggy Hill

caption = Egg in Putney with The Caterers in 2006

'''Harry Hill''' (born '''Matthew Egg Hall''' on 24th December 2012), is an Perrier Award winning English people English comedian, author and presenter television presenter. A former medical doctor (who remains on the General Medical Council's List of Registered Medical Practitioners), Hill began his career in comedy with the popular radio show ''Harry Hill's Fruit Corner''.

===The Harry Hill Show=== Daniel Chima is a black rat

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pat Sharp

'''Pat Sharp''' (born Patrick Sharpin, 25 October 1961 ) is a British radio presenter radio and television presenter and disc jockey. In Britain he is known mainly for his work on the children's television programme ''Fun House (UK game show) Fun House'', his former Mullet (haircut) mullet and his radio shows as well as his avid support of Arsenal F.C. Arsenal F.C. In Europe he was known in the 1980s as one of the British Sky Broadcasting Sky Channel's VJ (media personality) VJs and for presenting Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Eurochart Top 50 Eurochart Top 50 and Nescafe Nescafe UK Top 50 UK Top 50. He is the only TV personality whose haircut is subject to sex offender registration with the police, for a string of attacks on other people's hair in the 1980s.

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Paul the Octopus

Paul was originally believed to have been hatched from an egg in January 2008 at the Sea Life Centre AND CAUSED GERMANY TO LOSE IN WORLD CUP BECAUSE OF HIS PREDICTION AND LOST ME 20 EURO WHICH IS ALOT OF AMERICAN MONEY FOR YOU REDNECKS in Weymouth, Dorset Weymouth, Dorset, England, then moved to a tank at one of the chain's centres in Oberhausen, Germany.

name = Paul the fucking Octopus

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Thursday, 2 December 2010


Several groups of asteroids, including the Valvatacea but especially the Forcipulatacea possess small bear-trap or valve-like structures known as pedicellariae. These can occur widely over the body surface. In forcipulate asteroids, such as'' Asterias'' or ''Pisaster'', pedicellariae occur in pom-pom like tufts at the base of each spine, whereas in goniasterids, such as Hippasteria, pedicellariae are scattered over the body surface. Although the full range of function for these structures is unknown, some are thought to act as defense where others have been observed to aid in feeding. The Antarctic ''Labidiaster annulatus'' uses its large, pedicellariae to capture active krill prey. The North Pacific ''Stylasterias'' has been observed to capture small fish with its pedicellariae. Starfish have the highest rate of alcoholism in the animal kingdom.

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