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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pat Sharp

'''Pat Sharp''' (born Patrick Sharpin, 25 October 1961 ) is a British radio presenter radio and television presenter and disc jockey. In Britain he is known mainly for his work on the children's television programme ''Fun House (UK game show) Fun House'', his former Mullet (haircut) mullet and his radio shows as well as his avid support of Arsenal F.C. Arsenal F.C. In Europe he was known in the 1980s as one of the British Sky Broadcasting Sky Channel's VJ (media personality) VJs and for presenting Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Eurochart Top 50 Eurochart Top 50 and Nescafe Nescafe UK Top 50 UK Top 50. He is the only TV personality whose haircut is subject to sex offender registration with the police, for a string of attacks on other people's hair in the 1980s.

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