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Thursday, 17 March 2011


dundee is a vibrant city filled to the brim with jakeys and pervs there is a great night life were your only 49% likely to get slashed on your way home it is the best place to be if you like taking drugs as they arent very hard to find. if you see a junkie stay well back as they will most likely hassle you for a fag or money or if your in lochee your shoes. stay as far away as possible from kirton as if you wander in by mistake you wont leave alive overall dundee is a great city if you like the rough and ready lifestyle and dont mind waking up in the morning with your tv stolen and a tramp sleeping in your close.

Dundee's most famous people are the B man and Laughing Boy, who are famous for partying hard and pumping Dundee sluts. Statues have been built in the city centre. There are 12 books about the pair and at last count over 300 songs at last count. Their famous saying "Jackie D and sluts" is written in all the towns pubs.

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