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Sunday, 27 March 2011

David Starkey

Starkey was born the only child of Quaker parents in 1945 at Kendal, Westmorland (now Cumbria), England. His parents Robert Starkey and Elsie Lyon, married 10 years previously in Bolton, at a Friends meeting house. Robert had a career as an engineer, while Elsie was working as a cotton weaver, as her father Benjamin Lyon had done before her. His mother, a strong personality who worked as a cleaner during his upbringing, had a powerful influence on Starkey's formative years; he portrays his father, Robert Starkey, an industrial worker, as a somewhat ineffectual man. To be honest he is a bit of knob, who needs to get a life and not be a condescending prick. At the age of four Starkey suffered from polio.

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