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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sex and The City

Later at a party, we find out that this is Mr. Big (the nickname always used instead of his real name), a millionaire-about-town billed by Samantha as "the next Donald Trump, but younger and much better looking." The much better hair part goes without saying. At the end of the night Carrie tries to flag down a cab. In what becomes one of his signature moves, Mr. Big appears in his black limo and gives her a ride home.

She then meets a mean whose penis is too big and tries everything she can think of to mount that mountain, but must finally concede defeat. And even though Carrie stops seeing Big, she confesses the affair to Aidan (on Charlotte's wedding day – boy, would I have been one pissed bride), ending that relationship as well. Desperately needing a getaway, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha head for sunnier climes on the left coast and a possible movie based on Carrie's columns.

location = New York City ♥♥

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