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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Intel Corporation

Hello, my name is Rhys Paul Hovey, and am a target of high tech organized crime, possibly related to the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, I have been in contact with the FBI and CIA on many occasions. I just won a "video games" contest, in Hillsboro, from INTEL CORPORATION,. they anounced me as the winner,. the prize was $5000. This is basically food money for me right now, because I am so poor, so someone decided to "take back the prize" to make it more difficult for me to live, and difficult for me to get a job,. they will not answer their phone and it all seems like a scam, and is "maltimed" by various other events happeneing in my life, it's looks like part of an attack to make me leave town or something. It may be related to the ATF CODE FISH SAURON BA SS TI TC TM TD. I really would just like to be shown no bais, and to not see them be able to just be faceless criminals when they use the interet. They may be involved with your local organized crime against teen and children, and "poisonings". Through this "physhing" they were able to obtain legal documents, with my handwriting and address. Now they want to erase all evidence of knowing me. Are the going to come and commit crimes against me? steal from my non networked computer with the software?

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